Guest Internet Access

We offer complimentary Internet access to guests staying at our holiday cottage through a supplied PC.

Please see the terms and conditions on our Prices page for our Fair Usage Policy. Our Internet service is intended for email, instant messaging, web browsing, and accessing social networks only. Guests are asked to restrict their usage to the Fair Usage Policy.

Due to the remote location of our cottage, broadband internet access is only available via a satellite connection with low monthly data usage limits. ​Uploading and downloading data, streaming content (films, TV, music), peer to peer and other applications that consume large amounts of bandwidth and data usage are therefore not allowed under this Policy.

Please note that WiFi access for visitors’ own devices is not available. As both pcs and mobile devices will automatically backup and update themselves when connected to a WiFi service, they can quickly use up the monthly data allowance.

Please note that satellite broadband can be affected from time to time by atmospheric conditions which are beyond our control. We will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that you are provided with an uninterrupted service 24 hours a day. We will not be liable however, for any reason, if the service is not available at any time for any period. We may suspend access at any time and for any reason, including routine or emergency maintenance of the servers.

The supplied internet-connected PC does not provide any local data storage. Any personal data entered during an internet session is automatically deleted when the browser or PC is restarted.

Local places to access the Internet

If you require an Internet connection for your own devices while you are out and about, a number of local hotels, restaurants and cafes provide WiFi access. Some are free but you will be obliged to purchase food or drink, others charge a fee.

The GALE Centre in Gairloch, IV21 2BH hosts a community cafe and offers free WiFi. It is also the local Tourist Information Centre.